Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mapping Victorian London

I 're-tweeted' this link earlier today (no mean feat for a nineteenth century chap, I can assure you), but felt it was well worth posting on the blog so that like-minded souls could find it more easily.

The National Library of Scotland's map department has taken some high-res scans of the London Ordnance Survey maps 1893-6 (over 500 maps, in fact), stitched them all together and superimposed them onto modern digital maps. If you like maps, and like history, you'll love this!

It can be a little tricky to navigate via the article, so the direct link is here

What you end up with a searchable map of London in the mid 1890s, with functionality very similar to Google maps. A bit like this:

Which is rather marvellous for people like me who love maps! 

For now, enjoy exploring Victorian London. I'm going back in! (I wonder when they'll do the time-travelling Streetview version...?)

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