Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Other Fright Before Christmas

Delighted that Titan Books used another of my offerings for their festive Advent calendar on Twitter yesterday:

I also got included in their Advent window #10, as part of a collection of pictures of author's desks. ( from top) Kim Newman, Adam Christopher, Rachel Howzell, me, and Freda Warrington. Illustrious company, I'm sure you'll agree.

You can't really see the whole workspace clearly, but I've added a proper photo below. The reason I draw attention to my office isn't just because I'm proud of my decorating skills (and those of Mrs Lost Victorian, of course), but because I think it's vital to productivity to have a proper workspace. Finally, I have a tidy(ish) area to work in, surrounded by all my reference material in easy reach, and with the inspiring figure of Horatio, Lord Nelson gazing down at me, judging me harshly when I'm being lazy. Might need to write a bit about that in a proper blog in the future.

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